Uses of Technology and Data to Save Lives by Nancy Lublin

For many teenagers, technology and data have been the main means of communication for the longest time possible. For this reason, this serves as the main platform used to address most of their concerns and hence led to the research done by Nancy Lublin on the use of technology and data to save lives. Nancy Lublin then did research on the frequency of use of technology by teens and how they used this platform for suicide prevention. Knowing that this platform could be used for other positive services, she emphasized crisis management and how it works. The following are ways in which Nancy Lublin made it possible to use the crisis text line.

With the increased use of text messages by teenagers, it was essential to prioritize messaging as the main means of communication. For teenagers going through hard moments, a crisis text line was meant to help close this gap. Things that may make teenagers have hard times are inclusive stress and suicidal thoughts. For teenagers to get the best help they need, the relevant counselors need to get the appropriate training for this. This enables the counselors to give the best guides as well as collect relevant information for research that will aid in solving different emergencies.

Other than helping teens solve their problems on a personal basis, it also helps them with baseline data for the parents and even teachers. One of the importance of this platform is that a large audience can be addressed at ago. This helps gain access to teens that are not much of social media use hence making it effective for all parties. These discussions help in the active monitoring of teens and the guides needed for the discussion.

The use of this means of technology has aided in the surveillance of school counselors and their relationship with the kids and the response. The data acquired can be used to show what the teenagers are going through without actually mentioning it. The use of this technology has been a positive elevation on the communication of teens in the most comfortable means. Many of the teens have shown interest in the use of their technology with this services and hence the urge to ensure that this program reaches a larger audience for increased effectiveness on the purpose intended and especially for the youth. This will be very much effective as it aids in the use of technology to help different people at different locations with the aim of stabilizing their emotions and ensuring that they get help. Read through the text above to understand the work of Nancy Lublin on the crisis text line.


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